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What is female rap without a little southern raunchiness? Trina aka Queen of Miami aka the Diamond Princess and well known as The Baddest B****, is the next #GlazedGirl getting her shine. Trina is a major influence for all of our new contenders; shaking what her momma gave her, slaying looks, and now a major hit on Love and Hip Hop Miami, this legend will not be going away anytime soon. 


Debuting in 1998, Trina made a lane for herself in the city of Miami and later expanded to being a nationwide hit. The good sis, literally kicked open her own door of opportunity when she premiered on "Nann N*****" with Trick Daddy but rose to the familiar alias of The Baddest when she released her first album in 2000. Her very first album, Da Baddest B****, debuted at #11 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. Talk about coming out swinging! Trina reigns victorious when it comes to rap because she isn't afraid to give congratulations to any of our upcoming ladies and even gives them platforms to further express themselves in music. 











Being born in the late 90s with an older sister and older musical influences the first song I remember from Trina was, "Pull Over." While at the time I was oblivious to what the song was about but growing up especially in my college days, Trina has made me feel, too, like the baddest out here. Trina's music will have you feeling the same way. The moment that I felt Trina's true impact was at a house party and "Look Back At Me" came on. Almost every woman in attendance got up and spit the risqué lyrics out to each other. Despite the constant banter of over-sexualized female rap, Trina always is empowering women to have a take-no-bs attitude when it comes to dealing with men of any kind. 


The Diamond Princess has also always been an advocate of showing off her curves and for women with meat on their bones to flaunt what they have. In the era that Trina first came out, this idea was very opposed to the skinny model types on runways and in music videos too. Another spotlight for Trina is her foundation, The Diamond Doll Foundation which opened in 2006. With this organization, Trina works to give back to young girls growing up in Dade County, Miami by having toy drives, community events and even visiting hospitals.


On top of being The Queen of Miami in her humanitarian work, Trina has also racked up two ASCAP Awards, a Soul Train Music Award, Billboard Music Awards, amongst many others. Trina is currently working on her sixth album which is why she is being called The Most Consistent Female Rapper By XXL Magazine.










My Favorite Things from Trina!
Favorite Moment: (will update when I finally see her in concert or meet her)
Favorite Songs: "Pull Over" 
Favorite Feature Verses: "Nann" "One Minute Man"
Favorite Video: "Da Baddest B****"
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