Kash Doll


By Jalynn Reid 

Among the new wave of female rappers, Kash Doll is sitting pretty and is happy to brag about it. Kash Doll originally popped up in the music scene around 2015, Kash Doll has dropped mixtapes and singles, like “Brat Mail” and “For Everybody” that definitely showcases her confident style, bold attitude, and quick-witted determination. But like most new artist, there were a few bumps in the road. Kash Doll has made it publicly known that she was having some issues with her record label, hence the long wait for her next big project.


Nevertheless, she still remains relevant through her transparent social media accounts. She has opened for Drake & collaborated with artists like Big Sean. Finally, in November 2019 the Detroit Rapper, Kash Doll, dropped her first album titled, “Stacked”. The album features her break out single “Ice Me Out" and includes others like, “Kitten” featuring Lil Wayne and “Ready Set” with her friend & fellow Detroit native Big Sean.


The project also details notable collaborations from artists like Teyana Taylor, Summer Walker & Trey Songz. Despite the features on the album, Kash, wanted to make the album very personable to reflect the tough upbringing that molded her into the fabulous, blunt & goal-driven woman she is today. The 17 tracked album, features cult-faves, raunchy vibes and personal flows that keep you intrigued.


KD Diary

The album opener is the perfect way to detail her personal obstacles, that she has faced, which led her to be the successful woman she is now. It features a very slow beat, compared to most songs on the album, which favors her well on this track. It gives her a softer feel.


Ready Set (Feat. Big Sean)

"Ready Set," features both Detroit natives, talking about their accomplishments and how they both were able to make it out of there. The song features exceptionally polished bars by Kash Doll and Big Sean’s flow on the hook, which adds the perfect vibe to the face-past beat.


So Amazing

"So Amazing," is like a punch in the face. It reminds you exactly who Kash Doll is. Listeners hear about her humbling beginnings and Kash makes it very clear through her slick lyricism and versatility that she is a force to be reckoned with.


Ice Me Out

Originally released in 2018, topping the charts & defiantly a personal favorite, "Ice Me Out" is an a track that made the Hot Girl Summer a bit icier. The song showcases Kash Doll demanding she wants, in an aggressive yet very playful manner. The track highlights her bubbly yet feisty personality.


Kitten (Feat. Lil Wayne)

The blasting instrumental, featuring Lil Wayne was surely a surprise to listeners of both rappers. Kash Doll and Lil Wayne, play well off each other but the lyrics fall short, while their flows keep the song together.


On Sight (Feat. Trey Songz)

Delivering raunchy and sexy vibes, filled with R&B tones brought to you by Trey Songz, the two come together for a playlist certified track. It’s a collaboration I would never expect but they play very well off of each other, due to their notorious sex appeal.



Krazy (Feat. Lougotcash)

This song takes away from the overall quality of the album. The overbearing amount of auto-tune and striking instrumental really takes away from Kash Doll’s flow on this track.



On this track, there’s no debate that Kash Doll is able to showcase her cunning flow and clever wordplay. She yells out, that she is not someone to be a mess with and if so, you better have a good reason.


Cheap S**t

Another personal favorite, the song features Kash Doll talking about her expensive taste and how she lives a life of luxury and expects nothing else. She flexes extremely hard on this track and one of my favorite lines “It’s Dom P when I pee, B***h.”


Doin Too Much

One of the most notable songs from the album demonstrates her top-notch flow and the attitude to match it. She’s letting everyone know, haters included, that she will continue to remain unbothered and that everyone around her needs to reevaluate because they simply aren’t doing enough.


Buss It

A certified club banger, "Buss It" is sure to be spun in during all holiday club appearances. Like many other women in hip-hop, Kash Doll creates twerk-friendly tracks for her fans to turn up and enjoy being their best selves.  The perfect base, flow, and hype all rolled up in one braggy lyricist.


No Lames (Feat. Summer Walker)

Featuring the softer side of Kash, this single discusses her trials and tribulations in the dating world. The track features a soothing hook from Summer Walk which is a great addition to a more tender side of the doll.



The song features a sample from “You’re All I Need” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. Over the instrumental, Kash Doll raps passionately about striving and grinding and making it out of Detroit. Definitely a more personal song, due to the emotional message.


Feel Something (Feat. Teyana Taylor)

Bringing in another slept on woman in the music game, Teyana and Kash flows mesh so effortlessly on this track. This love song has a cherry placed on top with the soft vocals of Teyana Taylor supporting Kash's head over heels lyrics. 


Coastal Rota

Sampling Lil Ru “The Nasty Song” which is honestly the perfect match. Kash describes her sexual endeavors with an explicit flow and creative wordplay that shock you after each and every moan.


100 of Us

The closer of the album features another story-telling track about the hardships that Black people in this country face. It’s a well thought out track and shines a light on Kash Doll's ability to surprise and get people’s attention.



Stacked was worth the setbacks. Kash has an impeccable flow, followed by a bright and vibrant personality that is showcased in each and every single song. While there could’ve been a few cuts on some of the tracks, there is a beautiful range of polished, confident and self-aware hits. Kash has made her official mark into the industry and wants everyone to know she is here to stay, and I’m sure she will.

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