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I had to make it do what it do, and make dreams come true

Being The Don Dada isn't a light choice of nickname for Shenae Curry Craig. If you're from the West Indies or a fan of the classic movie Belly, you know that this is the highest level of all dons (bosses) that there is. A New York native with Jamaican blood running through her veins, Shenae is one of the funniest, most inspiring, and transparent women to follow on social media. Following her dreams of being a TV personality, Shenae created a lane for herself as the creator and host of her web series Best Tweet Ever, a social media spin-off of VH1’s Best Week Ever. She is now also the New York editor of Toronto-based Jamaican publication, BASHY Magazine. These are just two of the occupations that hold Curry's time.


Being an avid believer of giving back to her community of peers and those in need too. Her latest event activation is called The SAFE Summit. This is an experience created to bring awareness to and offer guidance for millennials struggling with mental health stability and some form of substance abuse. The Summit drew attention from Karen Civil, Mac Wilds and plenty of other social media influencers. With her resume speaking volumes and including experience with The Source Magazine, Hot New Hip Hop, Bad Boy Entertainment, Afropunk, and also being the Founder/Host of The In-House Event and Showcase Series, Shanae is a force to be reckoned with and definitely someone to look out for in the future! 














I first became familiar with Shenae on Instagram during the time that In-House was around, 2015-2016. When I didn't get a follow back from someone I instantly admired I went to Twitter and followed her there. Still getting my feet wet in the industry, I took note of her events, how she brought her ideas to life, and how she continued to be her true unfiltered self on social media. Following Shenae Curry teaches other women in any field that they don't have to compromise their roots or how they interact with others on social media to get to the goals that they set for themselves. Shenae is also a firm believer in women supporting women. Between creating names for fanbases, interacting with other girl bosses, and being so open to being a #GlazedGirl. What's next for The Don Dada?  Her goals consist of raising the bar of professionalism and fun with her events and work, being a power player in bridging the gap between Hip-Hop, Caribbean & pop cultures.


My Favorite Things from Shenae:



Fave Playlist: What Summer Sounds Like to a 20-something


Fave BASHY Article: Sorrel & Champagne: Where Jamacia & Hip Hop Meet 


Fave Episode of Best Tweet Ever: 



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