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My mission is to make sure that black music, black people, and black women thrive

I'll start off Scottie's profile with, PROTECT DEANII SCOTT AT ALL COST!


Scottie Beam is a media personality originally from the Bronx, NY. Scottie grew up knowing the life of radio, since her mother, Shaila Scott, has worked as a radio host on Hot 97's sister station WBLS. She is super transparent about being a dropout from Clark Atlanta University, but still worked hard to get to where she is now. Beginning as a Street Team member for Hot 97, Scottie Beam worked her way up and up at Hot 97 until she decided to part from the station only a few years back in 2016. Even prior to her departure, Beam was and still is always on her grind. During her time at Hot 97, she began finding her own ways to branch out from her main job. Scottie began, "Scottie's Feedback" where she and an additional guest would give a platform to upcoming artists to receive feedback from people in the industry already. This upgraded to "Who's Next Live," where these upcoming talents could perform at SOBs and was hosted by Scottie herself. 


After her departure from Hot97, Scottie Beam is now one-fifth of Black Girl Podcast. Working with other women in the field of media and entrepreneurship they conduct BGP on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. The brand has grown so strong and popular that the group of women now have live shows in New York, where fans can go and meet the cast as well as ask them questions. Scottie continues to work on her own and has had partnerships with leading brands like Nike, BET, Twitter, Essence, and Billboard. Her vast knowledge and love for Hip-Hop have gotten this #GlazedGirl far in life, and her authenticity moves people to love and hate on our girl Scottie Beam. 




















I first heard of Scottie Beam, on my drives to school while listening to Hot 97. The way that she carried herself on-air was always admirable and even furthered my first career plan of being on the radio. Coming to college and working internships, I met her for the first time at 40z & Waffles. I instantly started tearing up and she gave me hug because at the time I guess she didn't realize how important someone like herself was to girls like myself. After fan-girling and letting her enjoy her time, on her way out the door she took a picture with me and I'd have to say that was a major highlight to my own life. After meeting her that night and interacting with her via Twitter and Instagram, I'd like to think of Scottie as my mentor from afar. She is constantly doing amazing things and furthering her own personal brand without compromising what she believes in. 


Now Scottie is one-fourth of State of the Culture, a show via REVOLT, that discusses topics that shape our culture. Topics range from rap beefs, music releases, politics, and any other headline that effects us as Black people. Though the show has been running for nearly a year now, Scottie is always the champion for Black women and women in general when it comes to a lot of conversations on the show. She is the person that so many Black women, like myself look to, to be our voice on the platform. In very recent news, other women threw Scottie's name under the bus when it came to the topic of them being a culture vulture and claims of threats. Not even knowing Scottie personally (yet), she has worked so hard in her own lane and making new paths for herself that something like this is so annoying. Also being the Libra Queen she is, Scottie doesn't have to prove herself to anyone at this point. Deanii Scott is a champion for Black millennial and gen-x women and girls because of her transparency and self-love. 

















My favorite things from Scottie Beam:


Favorite Interview: Rick Ross - BET


Fave ep. of BGP: Ep. 11 "Choices"


Fave ep. of SOTC: Ep. 4 "Bill Cosby, Tha Carter 5..."


Fave Social Campaign: Black-Owned T-Shirts during BHM


Favorite Scottie Playlist: #ListenToBlackWomen , Literally. 





















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