Rico Nasty

Yeah I'm a poppin' bitch, and I know it ain't hard for you to see

After working her ass off and dropping her debut mixtape,Summer's Eve in  2014major collaborations, and continuously giving us rockstar rap, Rico Nasty has proven that she's a newcomer that's here to stay. Rico Nasty is coming to us from the DMV (Pretty Girl, PG County, MD). This #GlazedGirl has recently been getting all the press that she deserves. She's built up her social media following and gives fans an authentic punk experience during her performances. Rico is also becoming a trendsetter with her mixture of styles and personality that is evident from all of her music. Recently signed to Atlantic Records, being a single mother, and expressing herself through her music is one hell of a juggle that Rico is handling pretty well. 


She coined the concept of “sugar trap,” combining playful, candy-coated rhymes full of nostalgic references to the cartoons most of our generation grew up watching. This poppy but punk sound aided with Rico's raspy tune and her confident attitude is what encaptures her fans to connect and feel comfortable enough to also be confident. In an interview with SPIN Magazine Rico mentioned that "Just because I am very vocal in my music about a lot of different emotions, like anger, and normal stuff that people would hide, I’m okay with as a woman. I think that that makes my voice more powerful..." 
















I was originally introduced to Rico Nasty when I first got to college. Turns out a lot of people in PG County know Rico from before she started rapping. A majority of the people that I hung out with in college were from the DMV area and were major Rico Nasty stans. Even though her music was now always being played around me and she began getting so much press from her latest project, Nasty, I admit that I am just now getting on the wave of Rico Nasty. I know I'm late! Even though I'm just now starting to listen to her music on my own I have always been a fan of her grind and how she's creating her own lane within Hip-Hop already. 


Already making Forbes Music 30 Under 30, Rico is making an impact on the rap game overall. The popular song, "Poppin," gained 4.6 million views on YouTube and also was featured in Issa Rae's HBO show, "Insecure." Rico says she knew she wanted to rap from the age of seven and also has influence and has to credit some of her skills to her father, who was also a rapper. You can catch Rico Nasty at Coachella in April and the Primavera Music Festival in Barcelona at the end of May!





















My Favorite Things from Rico Nasty!


Favorite Memory: (will update when I see her in concert or meet her)


Favorite Song: Big D*** Energy  


Favorite Feature: Tia Tamera 


Favorite Video: Key Lime OG



















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