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Hailing from Norfolk, VA, Pretty Savage is showing the world her story as the First Lady of G Herbo's 150 Dream Team Label.  With inspiration from other VA greats like Pharrell, Chris Brown, Missy Elliott, and Timberland, Pretty Savage is trying to be the next person to put VA on the map. Pretty Savage was the only girl of three children. With her oldest brother as her best friend and the majority of her other friends male, she always considered herself just ‘one of the guys’. Identifying herself as a 'gangsta' rapper', Savage decided back in 2016 to stop working her 9 -5 and to begin taking her creative outlet of music to its next level. 

"I began rapping from wanting to sing. I used to love writing songs that I didn’t feel fully confident about. I kept writing and during my childhood, things began to hit the fan. Rap became my way to cope. I always saw my brother and cousin writing raps, but it unleashed rap for me in a way that I did not know was inside of me." Pretty Savage shared with the GLAZED Team. As a woman in entering a somewhat saturated field, being apart of the 150 Dream Team Label for Savage actually hasn't changed her life much. She notes that the label has given her the opportunity to expand the depths of her talents.


Being able to test out different sounds and learn from all the talented people that she comes across creates a true rapper. The way that Pretty Savage describes the 150 Dream Team is very similar to the ways that Lil' Kim spoke about her position in Junior M.A.F.I.A. "I love being the first lady of 150 Dream Team. They show me love and believe in me for being thorough as a person before an artist. To have the guys stand behind me is as real as it gets and I wouldn’t trade the gang for no other. They know it’s stamped." Having the people you know care not only about you but also you talents are very crucial to surviving in this dog eat dog business. 

Pretty Savage describes her sound as 50 Cent mixed with Herb, Nicki Minaj, and a few other GOAT emcees. A ‘tomboy’ in the most multidimensional sense of the term, whether it be her delivery or content, Pretty Savage's bars come with a refreshing intensity and lyrical ferocity unmatched. With her sound stemming from slick lyricists with outgoing personalities, when looking at the genre of hip-hop Savage says that to her hip-hop is a world connected, yet separate from life. While maybe not studying those before her, Pretty Savage shares the same love about hip-hop as they do. "Hip-Hop is my gateway too; it's an escape .. a beautiful, gritty one."  

Aside from being a great mother, Pretty Savage's greatest accomplishment thus far (in her perspective) is loving herself! A true GLAZED GIRL always loves herself first. She's never cared about fame or money, but admits that she was her own obstacle; not believing in herself is what kept her from being successful. "I had love and faith for everyone, but me. Now, I show myself so much love, it feels amazing to love who you are inside and out with no one’s paintbrush in your face. It’s a constant battle, but I’m winning."



















With track "Banger" (video below) racking up streaming numbers, Pretty Savage wanted to make a song that fans can bounce to. The track isn't the lyrical side that Savage wants to be known for but this song provides a vibe that she felt when listening to the beat. Pretty Savage is an upcoming new champion that is versatile in her style of writing. She can give you lyrical, gangsta, sentimental, and everything in between! Her most recent release "Ku" featuring label mate G Herbo, has been highly anticipated by fans. Highly The pairing on this Zell-produced track underscores the spitter’s signing to G Herbo’s 150 Dream Team. “Ku” comes mere days before the release of Pretty Savage’s self-titled debut project, out December 13, 2019. Going bar for bar with each other, Pretty Savage shows that she's more than just the tomboy people from her hometown know. 

We love asking our GLAZED Girls some fun questions! See below for some facts from PRETTY SAVAGE!

If you could create a concert (two opening acts and a headliner)with only women in rap who would you choose?

If I created a concert of only females, I would headline “Lady Londyn”, “BIA”, or “Kiyanne”. They are different, firm, bossy, and a vibe. Not to mention, they can really make music. 

One woman in rap that you would tell your grandkids about?

Someone like Erykah Badu is who I would tell my grandkids about because she is open, creative and herself. That alone is rare now. The music industry is just as cut-throat as it is in real life. The only way to win, is being you.

Fun Facts:

I got 3! I hate being touched while I’m sleeping. Don’t f*cking touch me. I love pitbulls! I would marry food if I could.


MIXTAPE, Pretty Savage, OUT FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2019!

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