Megan Thee Stallion 

"I'm pretty like art bitch, I look like a fixture"

Meet the new challenger to the rap game, Ms. Tina Snow, the H-Town Hottie, better known as Megan Thee Stallion. Hailing from Houston, TX, this Hot Girl is leaving us shook with every freestyle, selfie look, her pimpin' persona and did I mention she's a 5'10 pretty brown thing? 


The Slumflower recently called Meg, the high priestess of hip-hop, and I can't even try to disagree. With a strong fanbase of hotties, Meg has a message to her listeners to impress themselves before trying to impress anyone else. Megan is the first #GlazedGirl because of her positive impact, effortless flow, and who doesn't love a woman demanding what's hers? Another aspect of Hot Girl Meg, is that she's still in school! She's a college girl's idol being book smart, street smart, body and style goals. You probably haven't noticed, but at least twenty of your followers are hotties and have been using her lyrics as captions since last year.










It's been three years since Thee Stallion first stepped into the ring. I originally was introduced to Megan via a late night Tumblr scroll. "Stalli Freestyle" and the "Huston Cypher" along with the hood-rich video of Meg down in a regular neighborhood is what first got me hooked and made me into the hottie I am today. Heavily influenced by Pimp C and his persona Tony Snow, we also all love the pimpin' Ms. Tina Snow, goin' hard on a h**. Thee Stallion gives different personalities to her aliases; Tina Snow is the pimp, Hot Girl Meg is the turn-up queen. Megan has been coming up the real hip hop way; she puts out music, is interactive with her fans, and freestyles on a number of radio shows, so we know the music is coming straight from her.


Another major influence that Megan has is her mother/manager Holly. (love you Ms.Holly!) A former rapper herself, Holly makes sure that Megan has the right opportunities and people around her which has recently lead to Thee Stallion being signed by 300 Entertainment. Maybe not globally known, 300 Ent. has some major artists like Gunna, Fetty Wap, and Tee Grizzley under their belts as well. One more reason that Megan is a fave is that she has all of her friends around her and involved in her videos. Videos like "Freak Nasty", "Fantasy Pool Party" and "Last Week in HTX" all feature the first group of hotties, Meg's friends and college roommates. Megan has also began to have "Hottie Parties" a chance for her fans to come and party with her. (NYC is still waiting Meg!) Being as though Megan Thee Stallion is the First Lady of 300, there will be nothing but greatness coming this year! 


Wait did I mention that the Hottie Queen loves anime? Even more of a stan now! 













My favorite things from Megan Thee Stallion! 


Favorite Moment: Def her giving me a henny shot at her Brooklyn show! #cognacprincess


Fave Song: "Tina Montana"


Favorite Freestyle: "Big Poppa"


Favorite Throwback Tracks: "Houston Cypher Freestyle" + "Get It Girl"


Favorite Video: "Big Ole Freak"

















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