Foxy Brown

 That's just the way I'm built nasty, but classy, still 

Talk about a brown skinned goddess. Foxy Brown is a #GlazedGirl due to her brown liner, clear gloss stamp on the industry. There are of course the slick bars, trendsetting looks, and a real Trinidadian vibe we get from Ms. Foxy. Where do we really begin when it comes to the iconic Foxy Brown? Being named after Pam Grier’s badass heroine from ‘70s cinema, Foxy Brown was one of the pioneers for artists to embrace their sexiness. She began collaborating with the likes of LL Cool J and Jay-Z. In 1996, Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim, Da Brat, and Total got together for the recording of Bad Boy's remix of "No One Else". This was the only track that Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown appeared on together. 

Foxy Brown is a female rapper that could stomp with the big dogs. She was a rugged, punch-line giving type of rapper that could go bar for bar with people like Jay-Z.  Foxy Brown can also be thanked for her impact in higher fashion. Designer brands began to pay attention to women of darker skin tones.1996 continued to be Foxy's year since she released her debut album Ill Na Na. This album started at #7 on Billboard's Top 200 Album charts. Rajul Punjabi, the Wellness Editor at VICE notes that "["Get You Home] reminds me that a woman’s bars, words, or simple body language are often the essence of her sexuality. "I’ll Be," too. That yin and yang balance that Jay Z brought to the song is crazy."















Foxy then had a Broken Silence in 1999, and Chyna DollI don't know why I have always known the lyrics of "I'll Be," but I do and I think it's a timeless jam perfectly showcasing her rap skills and how the women with a deeper voice can still deliver and keep up with their male counterparts. As I got older and expanded my Foxy Brown knowledge, it is evident that so many of the newer rappers now have (or at least try) to have a Foxy Brown type of flow. She went on to make an album with Nas, AZ and Nature under the group name, The Firm, in 1997. This album was followed by couple mishaps with the law but she continued to work on her music, dropping Ill Na Na 2 (2003) and Brooklyn's Don Diva (2008).


Recently Foxy made a guest appearance on Nicki Minaj's latest album, Queen. Sources have said that Foxy is working on a new album to put out this year!















My Favorite Things from Foxy Brown!


Favorite Song: Gotta Get You Home


Favorite Feature Verse: Touch Me, Tease Me


Favorite Video: I'll Be 





















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