Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has been climbing the charts with her pimpin’ personality and nostalgic hard-core flow. Earning recognition from the best women in the game like Trina, Nicki Minaj, and Solange just to name a few. With her hotties spreading positivity and building up their confidence, Megan Thee Stallion gave us Fever aka the only way to be hotter than the summertime.  Each track has is a dendrite of Megan’s Hot Girl Meg persona.


During the countdown for the mixtape, Megan and members of her team began posting the countdown with visuals featuring an OG Hottie, Pam Grier, known for her role as Foxy Brown. When the cover art dropped, Megan brought the art of blaxploitation films back to a generation that didn’t experience them first hand. Blaxploitation films were popular during the 70s and featured the first line of strong black leads in the industry. These films often featured dramatized actions and fearless fashion statements making Hotties even more excited to see what Megan has in store visually for this project.




One of the best mixtape intros that have been put out in a while. Megan raps skills are cut throat just like her personality. She relentlessly showcases how she’s made a name for herself and she can care less how you feel. Meg continues to keep her original group of friends from college and her hometown Houston around her all the time. With a group of baddies around her, Hot Girl Meg raps about her boss status and a message to all the girls to literally step their game up.  Featured in an ode video to her mother, Ms. Holly please know Megan came through with the aggression that you asked her to.


“Ion gotta cap, everything talk I really did that”


Hood Rat Shit


The ultimate pre-game track for all the Hotties this summer. Megan Thee Stallion knows that her fans like to turn up as much as she does, so why not give an anthem of the turn-ups coming in the next couple months? Sampling a young boy that wanted nothing more than to do hoodrat things with his friends is a major mood. This summer is about making the most out of it with the people who love and support you. Megan is a college student herself, knows for her 2019 graduates are ready to kick back and celebrate the accomplishments only making this track 10x more energetic.




Megan is a strong advocate for treating men how they treat women. The first bar, “Damn I want some head but I chose the dough instead,” sets the tone for the entire song. The track is a reminder of other Texas rappers that have influenced Megan in more than one way. Since her first plight of the press and naming one of her alter egos, Tina Snow, Meg’s favorite rapper Pimp C has a major influence on her flow.  Many of Megan’s fans can attest to how her pimpin’ persona has influenced them to put their foot on haters necks and never ease up the pressure. Megan has her own money and grinds so hard that no one can take credit for her success. The track is also a great song for gym sessions and getting that hot girl body ready for the summer.


Cash Shit (ft. Da Baby)


Called by Kehlani a week before Fever dropped, Cash Shit is a song that may take a little time to get accustomed to and listen full out. At the 1995 Source Awards, Outkast was boo’ed upon winning Best New Rap Group. Andree 3000 simply got on the mic and announced, “The South got something to say,” and from that moment forward the South has given the rap game major contenders. Both new Southern rappers, Megan Thee Stallion and Da Baby teamed up for this boss status, slight twerk anthem.  Both these artists are known for their wordplay and sexual innuendos, so teamed up together first-time listeners might be taken aback. Not even a full week out and this song has generated a lot of buzz and has cross-pollinated Hotties and Da Baby fans to each other’s music.


“ I like when they pretty and ghetto, type to not even say hello.”




Say hello to “Knuck If You Buck” and “Girlfight”’s  baby sister that has all the spunk as her older sisters.  Megan usually addresses the haters in a fun loving manner because she’s never pressed. This track, on the contrary, calls out a lot of the women who hate on Megan and the work she’s been doing. Being that she’s addressed the hate in this song, somehow people will always comment when someone is doing great for themselves. The tone of the song is aggressive and reminds a number of listeners of other women in hip-hop like Trina and Lil Kim. Thee Stallion puts out a lot of hype music, but the aggression on this track is a one-time warning to anyone who has anything negative to say.


Best You Ever Had


One of the slower tracks on the Fever reminds listeners of “Good At” off Megan’s mixtape Tina Snow. Upon first listen, viewers might think of this song as a throwaway track, but after review, this sexy serenade shows off a different side of Thee Stallion. Just as aggressive as Megan is, her man (prepping for the fall cuffing season) needs to be just as aggressive. Meg raps sensual lyrics like, “And if a bitch get slick, knock her down for you, And if you're lookin' for me, I'ma be around for you.” Megan goes on to tell listeners and whomever she’s crushing on that she’s a diamond and he better act accordingly. Hotties, let’s revisit this song when our Stallion Summer is finished up.


Simon Says (ft. Juicy J)

There’s already been a rollout of drama surrounding this track but Simon Says has already made it’s way to being a social media challenge, just like Big Ole Freak did. With a simple hook and a stamp of approval from Juicy J, Megan will be making her mainstream appearance with at least one of the track from Fever. With an old Tumblr model insinuating that she wrote the song for Megan, the hot girl went on IG Live stating that she could easily redo the song and it would still be a banger. Simon Says isn’t the best song or twerk anthem on Fever, personally but it will make the hotties shake their goods. Check below for a clarification of the situation from a Hot Boy.




Shake That


The real Stallion Summer anthem is this track right here. From the pregame to the club and all the way to the after party, this song needs to infiltrate the airwaves and every club. Whether you’re in the strip club or in the mirror, Megan is rapping to all the Hotties and hyping them up 200% to shake them sugar smacks! Thee Stallion has always had the same group of friends around her and seen through her social media, she’s always making her friends and hotties super turnt up. Get a fave that hypes you up to get your education just as much as she hypes you up to twerk. With Megan giving us, “Wag That Ass” sessions via her Instagram Live, get those notebooks out and get to practicing for when this hit comes on.


Money Good


“Throw up where I'm from, let 'em know I'm still hood…” Along with being an advocate for women treating men how they treat us, Megan is also an advocate for women having their own money and supporting other girls. This song has a laid back yet cocky vibe to it. While Thee Stallion treats her Hotties like her own friends, she isn’t a fan of clout chasers, men who hate on grown women or those who are distracted by gossip. The track’s three verses are a quick synopsis of how hood-rich and above the drama, Megan is. You cannot make Thee Stallion step out of her character, no matter what BS you’re saying. Even with her subtle Twitter clap backs, just know Meg is never losing her cool cause 1. The money is good and 2. She could get you hit if she really wanted you to.




The 10th song of Fever, produced by Juicy J is another club banger.  “Bitches actin’ shitty so I had to potty train ‘em…” One of the many reasons that Megan has been climbing the charts and gaining the press that she deserves is because of her lyricism. Dance is a track full of punch lines and even though more of a party song, be sure to listen in closely for the slick words that Megan has put together on this track.




Personally, this is THEE STALLION SUMMER ANTHEM. Paired with Shake That, Ratchet off rip tells you that driving the boat is the only acceptable way to begin partying with Thee Stallion and her crew. “Drinkin’ Henny out the bottle let’s get ratchet, Shake that ass for a shot, get it clapping…” While the term “ratchet” has negative connotations, Megan is reclaiming the word as a phrase for an amazing time and having a care-free attitude. Another aspect of Megan is that she’s always encouraging her Hotties to do their absolute best in any aspect of their lives. As Ms. Holly continuously told her daughter, “You gotta go out and wreck these hoes,” and this track will make any and every Hot Girl and Hot Boy turn up to the highest degree this summer in any way possible.


Sex Talk


The first single to come from Fever has grown on listeners. At first listen, a lot of fans were just happy to hear some new material from Megan which at times can be seen as a façade of actually support. This sexy track is a script for those liquid courage texts being sent out during the summertime. Megan knows that she’s not only un-fuck-witable but that she’s literally a hot girl. With both men and women, famous and otherwise, lusting after her looks, this track furthers the dream of having Megan to one’s self. Confident and not afraid to speak her mind, viewers know that Thee Stallion is a goal. From her first major kick on the scene Stalli Freestyle, Megan has been telling all of us to step our bedroom game up. “Put my feet up on the bed ride it to the tip top, he like it doggy style when I make that ass pop.” Since Sex Talk was the first single off Fever, it did in fact set the scene for the entire tape.


Big Drank


Another slower track on the Fever, samples Sipping on Some Syrup by Three 6 Mafia, another southern rap group that Megan grew up listening to. The song has a hood love feel to it with an array of lyrics mentioning sizzurp, Megan trying to keep her romantic relationship under wraps even those this man is posting pictures of them, and even more instructions of how to make the bedroom a bit more spicy and thug style. The song may remind listeners of Cognac Queen off of Megan’s previous mixtape, Tina Snow.


Running Up Freestyle


The Hotties asked and Megan delivered. Originally a freestyle for an Apple Music Radio Show, Meg recorded the track once again for her fans that don’t have Apple Music to listen to a mastered version. From the first listen, Hotties have been energized with Instagram captions since the freestyle first debuted. “I don’t even chase liquor why would I chase a n*gga?” “He said I should be nicer, well your d*ck should be bigger.” Megan gives not one single ounce of care for these men, because she knows she’s the baddest and that men are exposable. Thus making this track another certified banger for the Stallion Summer.


Fever is available on all streaming platforms and is climbing up the charts already!

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