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Our next #GlazedGirl is evading your airwaves and your favorite NYC Events. Stephanie Cruz, better known as DJ Steph Cakes, is one of the new kids on the block making a name for themselves What's a mystic? She is an enigma and a force to be reckoned with. While the mystic is quiet, unstressed, and commonly might be overlooked, she has a rich personality and is magnetic. People are naturally drawn to mystics and never really know why but there are no regrets once one is in your life. Even prior to meeting Steph, she gives off this vibe to a perfect T. 

Born in Washington Heights and raised in Yonkers, this native New Yorker makes her coins by being a fulltime DJ on Power 105.1. Steph also has a partnership with the clothing line Hood Heritage and Lost Boro Studio. DJ Steph Cakes is becoming a popular voice on the radio, spinning, of course, the top 40 but she also brings newer tracks from upcoming artists to the masses. Just this past Memorial Day, Steph Cakes was the ONLY women DJ at the famed Dussepalooza. She got the party started early for all the arrivals and continued to turn up with 6,000+ attendees on stage, looking bomb as ever. Even though she was the first DJ for the event, Steph Cakes set the tone for the entire palooza. 


















Her most accomplished moment thus far is opening up for Meek Mill during his Motivation Tour this year. This was the largest crowd that she's been in front of. With the Motivation Tour and Dussepalooza under her belt, keep your eyes open for Steph and her moves because next thing you know she'll on OG to the DJ'ing game. While being a DJ and her partnerships take up a lot of her time, Steph makes time to stay fit and have fun by playing flag football every Sunday with a co-ed team. Stephanie is a great example of staying authentic, following your dreams, being active, and serving looks all at the same time; a true #GlazedGirl. Steph Cakes has worked super hard and it's paying off; she's curated a playlist for TIDAL's DJ Selector, a shoutout from Captial Records for National DJ Day, and has produced some amazing personal content including Cakes Sweet Summer - hopefully, we'll be getting some more for this summer to make it a bit sweeter. 

With the #GlazedGirls that I actually interview I proposed a couple of fun questions that show the influence of other women in hip hop have on each other.


Who is one woman in hip hop you’ll tell your grandkids about + why?

Angie Martinez, she’s a legend that has done it all and I actually got to work side by side with.

If you’d have to make a female rap concert, two opening acts and a headliner who would they bed?

Opening Acts: Melii Megan the Stallion and the headliner would be Cardi B


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