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Deidra Muriel Roper most commonly known by her stage name DJ Spinderella and her time as the resident DJ for rap-duo Salt-n-Pepa. Working with the group, the trio sold over 15 million albums and singles worldwide. The Wall Street Journal wrote about Salt-N-Pepa they are "The first consistently successful female rap crew." With Spinderella manning the set, Salt N Pepa always had the best live sets that women now look to for inspiration. Brooklyn native, Roper was influenced by her father's expansive record collection and at the age of fourteen, she began to explore her love of DJ'ing. In 1986, Roper was only sixteen years old when a classmate of hers, Hurby Azor, introduced her to the rap duo right before they were going to appear at the Westchester Music Festival. The group's own DJ had missed several rehearsals which allowed a door to open for Spinderella. The rest is hip-hop history. 

They released five studio albums and saw several platinum and gold singles. Spinderella has also produced several songs on the group's albums. The group disbanded in 2002, before reforming in 2007. From 2003- 2006 she was a radio personality for KKBT in Los Angeles, CA. This #GlazedGirl made sure to have her hustle of DJing never stopped even when her main gig stopped working for a little bit. Spinderella is one of the first women to work nonstop, making her a household name and an icon for other women looking to be DJs. In the early stages of hip-hop, shows used to be all about the DJ and the rapper or MC was an addition to hyping up their own DJ's skills. Working with Salt n' Pepa was a perfect move, even at the age of sixteen. Spinderella is the perfect example of finding what makes you happy by any means and making it work no matter how young or old you are.  

She's been the spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association of North Texas and she even begins her own company, the Spinderella DJ Academy where she has assisted over 300 students begin their DJing journey. Spinderella hosts and performs every year at the ESPY Awards, Academy Awards, Kentucky Derby, and NBA All-Star after parties. March of 2019 she was the highlighted DJ at Barbie by Mattel 60th Anniversary Gala in New York and of course she still DJs shows for Salt n' Pepa. Spinderella accredits her mentors Jam Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Scratch for giving her confidence and showing her some new tricks for her own set. In an interview with PBS, Spinderella notes she does see her influence in upcoming women DJs and, "...a lot of women would come up to me and tell me I’ve inspired them to start DJing—this was a global thing. Just the turn-tableism that I had put out back in those days, those who saw from the videos to the stage shows I hear that I was an inspiration, and you know I can agree with that but I’ll let someone else tell it." Winning awards from MTV, BET, and the Grammys only shows that the sky is the limit and nothing is too big to dream. 


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