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When first deciding to make GLAZED into a platform, there were two people who I immediately know I wanted to be involved and featured, Megan Thee Stallion and Nyla Symone. You'll read more about how I even came into contact with Nyla first but this #GlazedGirl is already doing big things for herself. The entertainment industry is already hard to break into but being a young woman of color make it even harder. DJ Nyla Symone was born in Germany and raised across the states since she's an army kid. She calls Maryland home but when it was time for college she decided to relocate to Queens. NY. If you haven't heard her on Power 105.1 during the late hours or as a hip hop specialist across platforms like Genius, The Knockturnal and The Source. Nyla is one of my favorite interviewers because she asks the questions that everyone wants to know (peep her interview with Blueface below).

Nyla also has her own podcast, "20 Somethings" which you can find linked below. "20 Somethings," is a guidance podcast. Nyla has her friends, coworkers, and other people that she admires on and they talk about their 20s. The decade of being 20 is always highlighted as one of the most important time in our lives. Guests discuss their careers, tips for listeners and a few aspects of life to look forward to. Only being 23, and already living her best life doing her passion Nyla wants to be able to give advice and inspiration to listeners.Since graduating college, Nyla has had a bumpy path but she for sure knows that it's all worth it.

I originally met Nyla during my freshman or sophomore year of college. She always looked so bubbly and had a group of friends around her. Nyla being heavily involved with WSJU Radio, made her passions start to come into fruition. During her later years at St. John's, Angie Martinez came to the school to promote her book. Nyla was very close to graduation took the opportunity to put herself out there and network with someone she closely admired for years. After pitching herself to Angie, Nyla began as an intern, turned assistant, which later turned into her helping out at Power 105.1 and now doing late night/early morning hours on air! I always peeped the greatness that Nyla had during her time at school but I officially got to meet her this year. PRGM x PRG hosted a networking series entitle "Netwerk to Networth" were in New York, Nyla was one of the panelists. She spoke to how women have to be go-getters and how important it is to have a support system around you. Hearing her talk about her "impractical" dreams of being a DJ, changing her major in college, working odd hours and even driving miles to pick up a textbook for Angie's son, showed how much she really worked for where she is today. 

Nyla is all about helping out other women. One thing she really focused on was networking horizontally as well as vertically. SJU has the tendency to breed students with so much ambition and from watching past grauating classes, I've noticed the people you need are right next to you. They don't always have to be in a higher class or position. Nyla is taking the airwaves by storm, be sure to follow this Glazed Girl on all platforms.




With the #GlazedGirls that I actually interview I proposed some fun questions that show the influence of other women in hip hop have on each other.


Who is one woman in hip hop you’ll tell your grandkids about + why?

Angie Martinez is one women in Hip Hop I will tell my grandkids about she did it all career wise. Rap, host, Radio, movies, and is a mom all at the same time. Also most importantly she’s my mentor and she changed my life, opened doors for me that I couldn’t open alone and for that she will always be held in high regards for me and my family.

If you’d have to make a female rap concert, two opening acts and a headliner who would they bed?

Meg The Stallion, Ríco Nasty and Noname

Most proud moment thus far?

Most proud of graduating college and following my passions.


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