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The butter p honey, got the sugar, got the spice

Before we get started, how many radio personalities now can spit bars to open up a classic Lil Kim track? response? Well The Voice of New York, Angie Martinez has done this and then some! With nearly twenty years in the entertainment industry, Angie has made her one of the most popular voices on Urban Radio. Her vibrant personality and straight to the point questions, Ms. Martinez has been the pinpoint person for a ton of notable hip-hop exclusives. Even above the radio industry, she is a New York Times bestselling author, spokeswoman, philanthropist, and recording artist; talk about a jack of all trades. 


From interviews with Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. to Barack Obama, Jesse Williams, and J.Cole, Angie Martinez is authentic and unquestionably the one person to get your favorite people to talk about anything! Besides the Angie Martinez Show, now on Power 105.1, she works with Endemol Shine where she creates scripted and unscripted television content. To make herself even more engulfed in Hip Hop, Angie is the Consultant for Content and Culture at music streaming platform, TIDAL. From her early beginnings up til now, if Angie is having an interview you have to tune in for a listen. You never know what exclusives you'll hear when tuned in. 















Angie is always keeping herself busy and making sure to give back to those women that look up to her. In an interview with Billboard Angie says, "I don’t think so much so consciously like, “I have to represent for women!” I always try to do the right thing and whatever comes naturally to me. I do think as I’ve gotten older, I have been a little more understanding that [being a woman] does give me that unique perspective." This interview goes into her feelings about being a key role in hip-hop at major events. Let's not forget that exclusive Tupac Interview during the East Coast/West Coast rap war and only aired 12 minutes of the two-hour session. Who else could keep their cool and stay neutral like Angie?


I first met/fan-girled for Angie at my university when she was promoting her memoir entitled, My Voice. Being in the mere presence of Angie Martinez was enlightening. She has the personality of your mother's best friend, meaning that everyone in the room was so captivated in her aura and what she had to say. At the time, I was still an underclassman and was, like I said, fan-girling, I wasn't vocal. This was a major mistake on my behalf because she was more than just responsive to some of the other students. I know people who have been introduced to major opportunities personally and into the radio industry solely because of meeting Angie this day.














My favorite things from Angie Martinez!


Favorite Quote: "We have to remember that no matter how much hardship we go through in our life, there is always going to be that fragile place in our heart."


Favorite Interview: Jay-Z (2002)


Of course, this gem: "Not Tonight"





















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